Hello 2015! A goodbye for Japan?

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Day 31 of 365 and first month of twelve. Many things had happened till today. How i was last year, lets make them as great experience. Tough not good enough.

I'm dreaming about Japan and i want it happen this year. I thought my way to Japan has opened by my college. There is an exchange program to Hokkaido, Japan. I'm really really enthuasiast of it. So i searched all the information about the program. And i'm just thinking " i'm gonna make it. Yaa i'm gonna make it." I said it to myself over and over. I'm going crazy about it. But then i realize that i have'nt enough money to get an IBT TOEFL test (this is one of the requirement). Fyi to join an IBT TOEFL Test you must pay about $180 or IDR 2,300 million. Its expensive (just if you dont have enough money). Well if i forced it maybe i still can join the test. But i'll feel bad to my parents who paid that. My parents have to pay my tuition and my living cost for next month. That'll be spend a lot of money. Yaa thats why i choosed to not join the test and the program. Its sucks and hurt. I still thinking that this is the only chance. But its okeey... maybe next time i can go to Japan. Amiiin.

Okeey... my holiday will end up soon. And i have to go back to reality (re: bogor). I did nothing on my holiday. Its sucks too.. i just watched tv, ate, slept, ig, twitter, fb, tumblr, youtubing at midnight... and studied for toefl test. Huft. While other went around Indonesia. Its okey. Cause i have a new hobby... i bet that you cant believe it. Yaa ... know i'm part of them. Them? Who? The one who called k-popers... now i'm become one of them because i like Nam Woo Hyun (member of INFINITE). INFINITE is a group band, no its a kind of boyband. Yaa and i like him and i'm fallin  love with Woohyunie oppa. His just so cute handsome and warmth hearted* boy. I just like and fallin love with his personality and his character in High School Love On drama. That explain how i know him, just because a drama i become kpopers. It's not the first time i like an idols likes him. But this is really really the first time i'm going crazy about korean idols like him. Sometime i thought that i must be crazy. This is crazy but this is the truth. I like him and i love him too. So i love his group, INFINITE. And i'm going crazy about it. I saved some pictures of him in my phone and my laptop. I saved some videos of him too. Aaaand ... i saved i remembered their songs too. Even i really love Maroon 5 i havent do those things. I mean yaa i remembered Maroon 5's song but i didnt save their picture i didnt watch their concert or anything about them. But for this case (Infinte and woohyun of course) i did all those things. Hahaha okey i'm already kpopers now ...

Maybe, I will talk about Nam Woo Hyun (남 우 현) later hehehe ...

By the way... HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope this year better than last year.. i hope one of my dreams come true this year. Amiiin.

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