Good Bye Chester!!

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July 21, 2017

Heard a very bad news this morning, Lead Vocal of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington found dead, hanged himself on July 20, 2017 at his private home. At first i got the news from my friend, he wrote it on his insta story. I checked my instagram home and it full of condolence. Feel so sad and gonna miss his voice. Still can't believe it though ...

I'm not a big fan of Linkin Park, but iknew almost all their song and of course i loved it too. Eventho, i didn't understand the lyric at first time, but i enjoyed enough the music, the rhyme, especially the chorus. So eargasm and easy listening. All of them!! You just have to play 3-4 times then suddenly realized you mumbling their song. Well, it happened to me. 

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Today, tribute to Linkin Park, i tried ti listen their song (again) and searched the lyric. The lyric had deep meaning and sound desperate as well as beautiful rhyme. Ah .. i even checked and read some news about him. One of the article said that he surpassed the dark times when he was young. He was the victim of bullying, sexual harassment, violence, drugs etc. Other article talked about the member's feel. On that article, Mike said he ever once met Chester and asked him, how was he going? And Chester said he was just fine, but when the two were alone, Chester told the truth the he wasn't fine and feel like drowned to the water. My heart became weak and about to cried while reading the articles. That's why the lyric of almost all the songs sound desperate.

Sometimes, when i felt down or stressed and depressed, i choose to listened to their song. Eventho i didn't know the meaning, i can feel better. I don't know which song i like the most. May be "My December" just because the title is December, the month i was born. 

I can't say anything anymore.
I just wanna say thanks for your hard work, the song, and everything you ever did. We will never forget it, because your song will always in our mind and heart. 

Rest In Peace, Chester ...

from the girl who loved every song you made. 

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